Do you Like your Basil Salty or Sweet?

Do you Like your Basil Salty or Sweet?

Chef Diego Stefan who heads the kitchen at Tafer’s Davino restaurant at Villa del Palmar Cancun talks about the latest culinary trend that incorporates “savory” ingredients into sweet dessert experiences. Here’s what he has to say about these delectable dishes:

At Davino restaurant we wanted our desserts to stand out from the crowd, introducing a selection of sweet dishes with uncommon flavors” shared Chef Diego when asked about the unusual ingredient combinations that are showcased on his dessert menu. “Such combinations are already making an impact on the culinary trends at the top restaurants around the world, and we want to make sure that our restaurants are also at the forefront of the most delicious developments in gourmet dining.”

Basil Salty or Sweet

The latest trend amongst the world’s top pastry chefs is to bring together unlikely ingredients to create novel and delicious desserts, just as we have seen in the past decades with savory dishes showcasing sweet ingredients such as fruit being served in salads, chocolate sauces accompanying chicken dishes and so on. “The idea is to play with ingredients that we normally associate with savory dishes, such as herbs and other condiments.

Delicious Ice Cream

At Villa del Palmar Cancun’s Davino restaurant you will be able to try some novel experiences for your sweet tooth. “To start we have the Davino Mousse, which blends basil with white chocolate, served with nutmeg ice-cream and brownie,” explains Chef Diego, “and then there is a delicious dessert where dates are served with a cream that is infused with punchy spices such as clove, cumin and cardamon.”

Basil is not the only herb on the dessert menu; Chef Diego urges diners to try his unrivalled rosemary creme brulee with pears cooked in red wine or the fondant with ginger cream, hibiscus flower and thyme ice-cream. “Next, we will be thinking about a dessert with bacon!” exclaims the young Italian chef.

What is so amazing about these novel sweet dishes is the delight on the faces of our diners as they taste them. It is as though they just can’t believe how good they taste,” concludes Chef Diego.

On your next visit to Cancun, be sure to visit Davino restaurant and ask to see the dessert menu first, so that you leave plenty of room to sample the culinary skill behind these novel sweet-savory dishes.