Deconstructing Mexican Cuisine in Puerto Vallarta

Mario Castro - the Magician in the Kitchen

Discover a delicious new culinary concept at Tafer Hotels & Resort’s Blanca Blue restaurant found on the Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta. Talented chef, Mario Castro joins the Blanca Blue family and is changing the face of fine dining in Puerto Vallarta with his tantalizing Mexican Avant-Garde Cuisine concept. This new four-course offering is already tempting the taste buds of both hotel guests and local residents in Puerto Vallarta seeking new flavors and a first-class gourmet experience.

I am really excited about this menu,” states Chef Mario Castro, “diners will find those elements they love about Mexican food turned into inspiring works of art.”


Mexican cuisine is not just a collection of colorful foods, unique flavours and tantalizing textures, however. As a UNESCO protected national heritage, it stands for so much more, and this is something that Chef Mario understands. Mexican-born Mario moved to the United States of America at the age of ten, but has returned to his homeland with a determination to honor the traditions of his country’s cuisine while making use of the cutting edge technologies and techniques available today.


We will be integrating traditional ingredients and culinary customs from Mexico’s villages and towns, applying new, cutting-edge techniques to create flavorsome dishes for modern taste buds,” shares Mario. “For example, we will be using some molecular techniques like foams, airs etc, yet remain faithful to Mexican flavors, or use ancient culinary techniques with more modern ingredients.”

The dishes on this new menu include some show-stopping creations including the Stone Soup, the Gift from Oaxaca, and Ember Lamb Ribs. These dishes offer a taste of Mexico that many may not have experienced before.


For one so young Chef Castro has already had somewhat of an illustrious career. He may be joining the Garza Blanca family from the SLS Resort on Miami’s South Beach where he worked with 3 Star Michelin chef, José Andrés, but that’s not all! Chef Castro was an intern for six months at the globally acclaimed El Bulli Restaurant in Spain, a sous chef for the Waldorf Astoria in Florida (as well as holding other key positions) and has participated in many international gourmet festivals.

The inspiration for this mouthwatering menu comes from the father of molecular cuisine Ferran Adrià and indigenous Mexican recipes – bringing together ground breaking techniques and age old wisdom. Chef Mario is full of fresh ideas and is fully committed to making his name known in the development of Puerto Vallarta’s culinary scene. “I feel that the reason I am back here in Mexico, working with Tafer Hotels & Resorts is no coincidence,” he claims, “I feel there is room with Tafer for experimentation, the freedom to create and be an authentic chef.”

Crab tostada

According to Chef Mario commitment to the art and craft of cooking is all important, and it is this dedication which has fueled his success. “To be a good chef, you have to be totally committed. For me, the only thing that exists is myself and food. Nothing else matters.”.

If you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta for your vacations why not join Chef Mario Castro and the Blanca Blue team at the Garza Blanca Preserve? The dishes on offer are sure to tantalize your tastebuds and widen your horizons. For reservations, click here.