Boost Your Energy by Eating Right

Boost Your Energy by Eating Right

With the hectic pace of modern life, exhaustion is something most of us struggle with on a daily basis.  From hitting the snooze button far too many times, to difficulty making it through the afternoon without a nap, constantly feeling tired seems to have become an epidemic.  Coffee has long been the societal go-to when we need a pick-me-up with the majority of its drinkers actually addicted to the caffeinated beverage, stuck in a cycle of energy peaks and valleys that often only makes us feel worse.  

Fortunately for anyone ready to get off of the coffee roller coaster, there are healthier ways to boost our energy, starting with what we eat.  You really can boost your energy by eating right. Discover a whole new world of vitality with these simple tweaks to your diet.   

Eating Right – Getting Enough iron?

Eating Right - Getting Enough iron?

Eating a plant-based diet rich in iron, which is crucial for maintaining energy levels, is particularly important for women ages 20-49, with one in ten not getting the recommended daily value.  In addition to keeping the immune system in top form, iron is essential for delivering oxygen throughout the body.  You can increase your energy by eating iron-rich foods such as spinach, lentils, sesame seeds and beans.  For the ultimate results, consume these alongside foods high in Vitamin C which helps our bodies better absorb iron.  

Eating Right –  Squeeze in More Superfruits

Eating Right - Squeeze in More Superfruits

It is easy to fall into a routine with our diets, especially with the types of produce we consume.  However, nutritionists maintain that we are doing our bodies no favors by regularly eating the same kinds of produce.  Selecting a variety of fruits we may not normally eat will create less oxidative stress (which can lead to disease and aging) on our systems.  Encourage yourself to eat plenty of different fruits by simply having them on display in a bowl where they will serve as a reminder to grab and enjoy, therefore helping you reap all the benefits from the colorful array.  

Eating Right – Not All Fats Are Evil

Eating Right - Not All Fats Are Evil

Once regarded as dietary enemy #1, with some still on that list (trans fats at the top), good fats are finally shedding their negative reputation and are now recognized for their crucial role in maintaining proper functioning of certain organs and bodily functions.  The body puts fatty acids to work to store energy and supply cushioning to the organs.  Certain antioxidants, which are essential to energy levels because of their ability to fight free radicals and maintain cell health, require healthy fats to be absorbed from the digestive tract.  

Eating Right – Eat Foods in Season

This piece of advice seems to be doled out by every expert in the nutrition field, and for obvious reason.  Not only will you be supporting your local farmers, but shopping at a farmer’s market gives you access to some of the freshest fruits and vegetables available, straight from the source.  Since much of the produce is harvested less than 48 hours prior to being sold at the market, it will contain the highest nutrient levels possible for the ultimate in health benefits.  

Eating Right – Choose Frozen Foods

While there are plenty of purist out there who scoff at the idea and refuse to get on board (see above on eating fresh), nutritionists insist that freezing produce actually helps maintain its nutrients, which means it may could be even healthier than the fresh produce in your fridge unless it was literally just picked.  Once produce has been harvested, it continually loses nutrients, which means that buying it frozen is often the healthier choice.