Hotel Mousai’s Mixologist – Alejandro Garcia

Taking away the coveted first place honors at Puerto Vallarta’s mixology competition this year was none other than Alejandro Garcia, who is one of the skillful mixologists at Hotel Mousai. The annual bartending competition celebrated its 10th year anniversary while it took place at the Hotel Meliá Vallarta. Every year, the area’s most exceptional mixologists gather together, set on making an impression with the spectators and judges while hoping to win it all. Each mixologist was given the opportunity to showcase their skills while setting their sights on winning top honors. Thanks to his immense talents, Alejandro Garcia of Hotel Mousai was able to secure a first place win! This means that guests of Hotel Mousai and Garza Blanca will be able to enjoy the memorable handcrafted cocktails made by Puerto Vallarta’s top mixologist during their stay.

An Extraordinary Competition

This year’s competition had a record number of participants, starting off with 55 competitors who were aiming to win. During the first round, fifteen participants were eliminated. The 40 participants who remained were asked to further reveal their superb mixology abilities to the judges and other onlookers. They had several chances to exhibit their skills during the course of the two day event, whether they were putting their own spin on classic cocktails or whipping up their own signature creations.

For the final round, the competition was narrowed down even more, including participants who serve up cocktails in some of the Puerto Vallarta area’s most prestigious bars and hotels. There could only be one person to win the top spot, though, and his brilliant artful approach to mixology won Alejandro Garcia of Hotel Mousai first place honors. Needless to say, his creative techniques behind the bar made an indelible impression on the judges, leading them to crown him first place winner of the competition.

Top Mixology Talent

Some of the industry’s most distinguished names were on hand in the days prior to the competition, leading workshops and discussions about mixology-related subjects. Themes included classic Cuban cocktails, new ways to serve bourbon, the background and progression of the martini, health-inspired cocktails and a talk about whether agave’s growing conditions really make a difference in the flavor and quality of tequila. The mixologists who would soon be competing against each other were able to draw inspiration from these workshops and discussions in order to strengthen their own skills and spark their imagination. Many of the guest speakers at the event also provided their expertise as judges for the competition.

Hotel Mousai’s Alejandro Garcia

Puerto Vallarta’s finest mixologist Alejandro Garcia takes great pride in serving each guest at the bar a drink that will quench their thirst while pleasing the palate. He offers up enticing cocktails at the Lobby Bar, where he is often one of the first friendly faces that guests encounter upon arrival. It also happens to be a favorite place for guests to gather for a drink or two prior to enjoying an Asian-inspired dinner at Hiroshi. He is an expert at helping guests discover new flavor sensations. At the unrivaled Rooftop Bar, he offers a splendid collection of mouthwatering cocktails that are enhanced by the remarkable panoramic views of Puerto Vallarta and the glittering waters of Banderas Bay. Every guest should toast to the sunset at least once during their stay at Hotel Mousai, handcrafted cocktail in hand.

During your next getaway in Puerto Vallarta, be sure to try some of the outstanding cocktails shaken and stirred by Alejandro Garcia of Hotel Mousai, celebrated winner of the mixology competition this year!