Le Petit Chef

At his namesake restaurant in France, the world’s tiniest chef, Le Petit Chef, captivates diners while they wait for their actual meal to be prepared. Le Petit Chef is created through 3D projections to produce an enhanced reality which delights guests with an entertaining meal preparation that appears right before them on each place setting. This innovative idea shows Le Petit Chef creatively taking all of the elements of their dish and whipping them up in an amusing manner to reflect the actual cuisine that will arrive to the table shortly. Although this particular video focuses on the dessert course, Le Petit Chef has plenty of other things in his repertoire such as succulent lobster, grilled steak, bouillabaisse and rice pudding. Dining becomes a true event when guests are able to take in this intriguing “dinner show”, which gives everyone plenty to discuss throughout the rest of their meal. Take a look at the whimsical video by clicking the following link: