Carlos Gaytan – The Determination that Led the Chef to More

Chef Carlos Gaytan

Carlos Gaytan is a name that has been making headlines around the world for his innovative culinary techniques, passion for cooking and determination to go further in life.  Native to the state of Guerrero in Mexico, Chef Carlos Gaytan is a true inspiration for those pursuing a career in the culinary world and to all those following their dreams.  The chef’s passion, hard work and raw talent have turned him into one of the most successful Mexican chefs in the world and have even earned him a coveted Michelin Star.

A Foodies American Dream
In 1991, Chef Carlos Gaytan traveled to the United States in search of the American dream.  Starting out in Chicago as a dishwasher, he worked his way up eventually becoming an executive chef and owner of his own Mexican restaurant, Mexique.  His perseverance, faith and dedication allowed him to overcome diversity and the hardships of trying to find success in a city where competition is so stiff.  On the brink of closing his doors, Gaytan and his wife turned to prayer in hopes of saving what was left of their dream and in 2013, they received the answers they were looking for, a Michelin Star.

What a Michelin Star Can Do for You
Catapulting both Chef Carlos Gaytan and his restaurant into the spotlight, the coveted culinary award brought a surge of clients curious to taste the flavors of Mexican cuisine adorned with a touch of French technique. The talented chef knows the importance of staying true to his roots and his love for traditional Mexican cuisine can be seen through the varied menu at his restaurant. Mexique serves up a delicious array of gourmet tacos, fresh fish and seafood and many of the traditional Mexican dishes the world has come to love.

Chef Carlos Gaytan

While his restaurant has done well on its own merits, Mexique wasn’t what made him a household name. Chef Carlos Gaytan was a contestant on Bravo TV’s 11th season of Top Chef.  Coming in forth place, he left his mark on both those he shared the kitchen with and the fans that rooted for him each and every episode.  The Mexican native proved that he is a dedicated man whose passion for cooking, devotion to god and love for his family and country triumphs over everything else.  He is a role model who has demonstrated that hard work and dedication can make anything possible.