Miso Happy!

Let the best sushi chefs from world-renowned restaurants such as Katana, SUSHISAMBA, barMASA and Katsuya inspire your taste buds like never before in Puerto Vallarta’s first month-long celebration of Japanese cuisine. Hiroshi restaurant at Hotel Mousai will collaborate with four top sushi chefs this June to serve up a contemporary feast to tickle all the senses.

Taste Japanas never before!

Each week throughout the month of June, a renowned sushi chef will join Hiroshi restaurant at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta to celebrate Japanese cuisine at its finest as chefs from Katana, SUSHISAMBA, barMASA and Katsuya serve up their own omakase chef's selection inspired by Puerto Vallarta.

Crunchy Rice

June Wellness

Complementing the June Wellness program taking place at the Resort during this time, the guest chefs will create three-course tasting menus to be served at Hiroshi restaurant that reflect just why Japan is considered one of the healthiest cultures in the world. A number of imaginative dishes crafted by the chefs will also accompany Hiroshi’s mouthwatering regular menu.

The Chef Roll

Koji Matzusaki
ChefKoji Matsuzaki

Katana/Sushi Roku
June 9, 10, 11

Executive chef at Katana for the Innovative Dining Group, Matsuzaki’s talent and innovation have propelled him to push the creative envelope ever further.

John Um
ChefJohn Um

Sushi Samba
June 16, 17, 18

Regional corporate sushi chef for SUSHISAMBA, Um’s annual trips to Japan allow him to continually draw new inspiration and hone his impressive techniques.

Jags Aldaba
ChefJags Aldaba

Bar Masa
June 23, 24, 25

Head sushi chef at barMASA, Las Vegas Aldaba is known for creating fresh culinary masterpieces that are not only pleasing to the palate, but also visually stunning.

Brandon Konishi
ChefBrandon Konishi

June 30, July 1, 2

Executive chef of Katsuya at SLS Las Vegas, Konishi is a creative pioneer in contemporary Japanese cuisine and no stranger to the culinary spotlight.

ChefKoji Matsuzaki
ChefJohn Um
ChefJags Aldaba
ChefBrandon Konishi


HIROSHI at Hotel Mousai Hirosi

Flamboyantly blending East Asian textures and ingredients, this zesty gourmet restaurant at Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta is dedicated to the sophisticated culinary arts inspired by trendsetter, Masterchef Hiroshi. Lead by resident chef, Carlos Leyva, everything about Hiroshi radiates imagination, quality and vitality, challenging the senses with sassy combinations of ingredients and an inventive fusion of textures.

Omakase 2016 will bring together the talents of the team at Hiroshi and the inspiration of our guest chefs to create the first Japanese cuisine experience of its kind in Puerto Vallarta.

Carlos Leyva
ChefCarlos Leyva